Fossil fuel dependency is burning up our Earth and our future. While most other developed nations have been transitioning to renewable energy, our government protects the market power of oil producers, many of which are not US companies. These companies already have cut employment and benefits, and there is no reason to believe they will protect jobs.

I support a Green New Deal program that will provide training and education to all current and future energy workers, to help transition to green energy technologies. The program will provide funding for community and regionally-owned energy production and grids, independent of privately-run monopolies, to ensure that communities control their energy and the prices they pay. The program will include the development of local broadband systems that will unite and connect everyone from urban to rural communities, to increase access to information, education, and economic opportunities. A Green New Deal means an end to environmental racism and a healthier environment for everyone. It also will lower healthcare costs attributable to environmental health hazards.