We must have the courage to end the gun violence epidemic in this country. We must prioritize the safety of the public, not the money from NRA lobbyists.

I will utilize the Commerce Clause to regulate gun sales and manufacturing. I will introduce and/or support legislation which will require mandatory universal background checks, close gun show loopholes, outlaw the sale of assault weapons, end the manufacturing of ammunition for assault weapons, and protect the rights of gun owners, while offering voluntary buy-backs of weapons.

US and state laws require registration of everyone and of most things. Every person, every vehicle, every watercraft, and every plot of land are required to be registered. There is no legal or rational reason not to require registration of guns, for the purpose of determining ownership in the event a crime is committed with the weapon.

My opponent, John Cornyn, receives millions from the NRA and the weapons lobby. The NRA once supported reasonable background checks and gun registration. Today it does not, because the NRA became a gun sales advocate, rather than an advocate of Second Amendment rights, now that weapons manufacturers fund the NRA.