As a cornerstone of my platform, I will introduce and/or co-sponsor legislation that will provide permanent resident status to all DACA and TPS registrants, as well as for their family members. The bill will extend permanent resident status to persons who were denied DACA status due to registration deadlines. Fees for both classifications and for citizenship would be waived.

The Remain in Mexico Policy (MPP), which currently is employed by Donald Trump and ICE to deny or delay asylum to refugees, is unlawful under both US and international law. Both laws require the US to process and resettle refugees expeditiously. I will call for a criminal investigation regarding the actions of the Executive Branch in its use of the MPP and seek to prosecute the action before the US Supreme Court. I will introduce legislation to remove the 50,000 annual cap on refugees which currently exists under the Refugee Act of 1980.

I will introduce legislation to abolish ICE and restore immigration enforcement to the Department of Justice. ICE was created to treat all immigrants as potential enemy combatants, and the President uses this mechanism to justify incarcerating and separating families. The Justice Department has independence from the President, which prevented such abuses prior to the creation of ICE. All contracts with private prison organizations and with other for-profit enforcement agencies would be barred under the legislation.

I further commit to repealing the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA) of 1996, which is responsible for the incarceration and separation of many immigrant families, including long-time green card holders, asylum seekers and DACA recipients, many without due process.