I believe no one who works 40-hours a week should live in poverty and. That is why I support raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour and tied to inflation. I also support protecting union rights, protection of pensions, and retirement. We must repeal “Right-To-Work laws across the country to build strong unions.

We must invest in a federal jobs guarantee that includes the unemployed and underemployed in all sectors of our economy. Our education system was designed for an industrialized labor workforce that no longer exists due to outsourcing of jobs to low wage countries.

Investing in our labor force means creating jobs that transition our society and economy into a Green New Deal. These programs must include tuition-free college and training, in addition to eliminating all student debt.

We must negotiate fair trade deals that build our economy and create better-paying jobs here in our country, while requiring trade partners to honor human rights in their countries by requiring living wages, healthcare, raise their labor standards, right to unionize and environmental justice.

We must require certain quality standards of imported goods, such as complying with product liability standards. I would impose measures to protect job security to ensure the majority sold domestically are made domestically.

We must build an economy that is union strong.

In Solidarity,