Traditional public schools are the best and fairest means of providing all children with equal and equitable education. I oppose government funding of charter schools. Legislators have de-funded public schools throughout the country, to create an excuse for privatizing education through government-funded charter schools. Many communities now rely on charter schools as a result. I will introduce or support federal legislation to increase funding for all public schools, but especially for poverty-stricken communities which lack textbooks and basic infrastructure. I also will create a fund exclusively for traditional public schools to rebuild what state legislatures have eroded, for the purpose of phasing out charter schools. 

Everyone in every community throughout the United States is entitled to an equal and equitable education. The federal government must mandate standards for buildings, infrastructure, supplies and textbooks, student lunches, teacher salaries, and teacher qualifications. Civil rights laws must be enforced against anyone who discriminates against students. Violations should be investigated as “hate crimes”. I support Medicare For All: no child can truly benefit from an education without full healthcare coverage, including dental, vision, hearing, and mental health.

Zero tolerance approaches to discipline in schools have created a true school to prison pipeline that perpetuates anti-Black racism–for too many students, particularly young Black men and women and special education students. Because of organized efforts to fight to replace suspensions and expulsions with positive, student-centered  methods, schools across the country are shifting away from punitive discipline. However there is still much work to be done, and every day students of color and those with disabilities are harmed by the discriminatory discipline systems in place on their campuses.