Meet Sema Hernandez

I am the daughter of immigrants. The sacrifices my parents and grandparents made are part of what fueled my decision to run for U.S. Senate. I grew up in a migrant working family, and I understand the struggle of people who are burdened by crushing debt, job insecurity, environmental racism, and lack of healthcare coverage. These are common struggles of the working class.

I worked in acute healthcare for six years, caring for insured and uninsured patients. Through my background in healthcare, I experienced first-hand the flaws of our healthcare system. As a mother, I became a volunteer baseball coach and a volunteer organizer for local baseball organizations, where I served on the board of directors. 

Later, I became a dual licensed insurance agent, where I saw the bias of health insurers against people in vulnerable communities. Most politicians have no idea how their constituents are affected by healthcare and insurance, but these experiences influenced my community activism and my policy platform.   

I am a passionate human rights advocate, activist and organizer in Texas. I was inspired to run for Congress, after waiting for other politicians to do something about worsening conditions in Texas and our great nation. Our 2018 primary campaign for U.S. Senate was historic, promoting progressive issues, policies, and solutions. Our campaign earned the trust of voters who responded with 24% of the Democratic vote to this first-time candidate, all on a slim budget of approximately $4,000. 

While assisting Beto O’Rourke’s campaign against Ted Cruz, I became Co-Chair of the Texas Poor People’s Campaign, continuing my fight to end systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, ecological devastation, and the distorted moral narrative. With the encouragement of my supporters throughout Texas, I launched this 2020 Democratic campaign against Republican Senator John Cornyn.

I look forward to your support. Together, we will create a better future for Texas and the United States of America.